Basic Concepts in Structural Bioinformatics

This site provides a guide to protein structure and function, including various aspects of structural bioinformatics. It covers some basic principles of protein structure like secondary structure elements, domains and folds, databases, relationships between protein amino acid sequence and the three-dimensional structure. In addition, some basics principles of sequence analysis, homology modeling and structure-based drug design are covered. In the related tutorials I use resources freely available on the web. Although, you should know that there are commercial program packages, which include many features not available in the free versions. In the experimental part I have included some basics of protein crystallization and protein crystallography.

The content of this site is merely a collection of lecture notes, it is not a systematic textbook on the subject. I do update the text when I see a need for that and I am always glad to receive comments and suggestions. Some features of the site do not show up properly in Internet Explorer 7. Please update IE or use other browsers, like Safari or Firefox.

Structural biology and structure-based drug design outsourcing services
SARomics Biostructures provides a wide range of drug discovery and structural biology services including gene to structure and gene to lead services, protein crystallization and protein 3D structure determination by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy. In addition, we have a large library of off-the-shelf structures ready to be crystallized with customers ligands.

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Protein Structure and Structural Bioinformatics